Bioaigua - fertilizers and soils

At the end of 2001 a company project was developed by Calibre Cero sl and my self. A company project that finally started at the beginning of 2002 as Green Guide sl. Company dedicated to sale all the products that are been sold in the shops known as Growshops.
During all this time we cultivated our relationship with the ones still been today our costumers, we got experience in the fertilizer’s efficiency the growers are looking for and the contacts enough to create them.
At the beginning of 2007 we decided to start on with all the experience we got in the organic and biological fertilizers and our contacts in Holland to create Bioaigua, our own brand of soils and liquid nutrients.
During 2007 we came out with our soils Hipermix and Softmix and today we are sure we have a extreme quality product welcomed by our costumers to used as their main soil sold in their shops.
At the beginning of 2008, after a testing year done by the best growers with prizes in Spain, we are proud to have a completed line of organic products produced by the best factories in Holland to satisfy the most exigent grower.
Bioaigua is different and is not available in all shops in Spain, only in the ones they are able to warranty us the best service to the growers. And the most important to back up and respect the ones have trusted us and have helped us to introduce our products; they do not have to be worry about the work done because we are one of the only brands with areas respect.
Thanks to all of our costumers that help us and trust us, respect for us is more than a simple slogan, respect for us is a fact.

  • Bloomer
  • Enzimax
  • Flomax
  • Grower
  • Micorrizas
  • Rooty
  • Reanimator



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